All about Railroad Manager 4.0

Version 4 of our game comes early october, 2020. There are many important changes:

  • New scoring system. Due to changes to many missions or maps, all old scores are invalid and thus all highscores are cleared. We are starting a fresh highscore list (on our own server, so no Google play games login required).
  • Industries. Often wished, we now introduce industries to the game. The occur on the following maps (marked with 4.0): Riverland, North Germany, Sun Valley, West Germany, Liverpool-Manchester. Currently there are farms (producing grain, sheep, vegetables or such), mines (producing coal or metal), oil wells and steelworks (producing steel when provided wich coal). Farms mostly replace the “looking like fields” hexagons on the updated maps. Industries can deliver cargo to neighbour fields, which brings us to the next topic …
  • Cargo Stations. Also often wished, cargo stations can be used to connect industries which are not positioned near villages, or to create transport hubs for efficient cargo traffic.
  • Hills slow down trains: Speed is reduced on hill hexagons. You can use the mountain trains science to remove this effect. Or just build around hills!
  • Your own company: You can now choose a logo and name for your own railroad company. If you decide to share your scores, they are added to the world wide highscore lists with your company name and logo. You can check your top positions by tapping the new toplists button. Also, the top position and yours is displayed just before start of a mission.
  • Village stations have a limitation of cargo slots: 4 for small stations, 9 for medium size stations and 16 for large stations.

Read the updated manual to find out all details of the new version, and watch our let’s play video on Youtube!

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